The list of Muslim destruction, and massacres of innocent men, women and children worldwide, is getting longer and longer, not only in Muslim countries but also in non-Muslim countries. This is common knowledge today. The latest brutality (one of many already on American soil), of the slaughter of the Armanious family of Jersey City, N.J., including their 8 year old daughter, Monica, by slitting all their throats is shocking; until the shock subsides and another takes place, only to be shocked all over again. 

Most of us know that Islam is literally a creation of the sword, violence, lies and deceit. Most of us know the Quran is the most inhuman and evil hypothesis on earth. Most of us know Islam is absolute EVIL. Most of us know Islam is a very hateful religion. Most of us know that Muhammad was the cruelest creature ever set foot on earth. Most of us know the Islamic history is filled with destruction and bloodbaths from its creation, and will be so, for generations to come. Most of us know, Allah keeps the Muslims in a constant and perpetual state of war with the non-Muslims. The Muslims are nurtured from childhood to comply heartlessly with Allah’s commands, even to become ‘killing-machines’. These are undeniable facts. 

The Quran clearly says in Sura 9.5 and 9.29 (see article “A dialogue between a Christian and a Muslim about the Quran), in which Allah commands Muslims to kill all non-Muslims (even children), who do not submit or believe in Allah. In other words, every human on earth must believe in Islam or be killed by the Muslims. That is a stark choice, isn’t it? The Muslims will immediately quote another Sura (verse), where religion is stated without ‘compulsion’. But they cunningly don’t mention that it is actually in a different context and does not cancel Sura 9.5 and 9.29. So they lie through their nose to defend Allah/Islam, which is exactly as they are taught and nurtured in.

Are Muslims themselves free to choose? Allah says a Muslim’s duty is to ensure other Muslims are kept in check. Do you remember the case in 2002 (and publicized by Fox News) of the Pakistani who brought his brother in and killed his American wife (even though she had converted but was not strictly following Islam), and fled through Mexico back to Pakistan? 

Let us also examine the simplest of subjects; of eating food, which the 85% non-Muslims take for granted and don’t give it a second thought. We eat whenever, however, whichever, wherever, whatever we want – that’s simple, right? But it is not so simple for Muslims. They must observe many conditions of where, what, if, why, how, when, etc, before they take that first bite. If it is pork, it is a definite no, no. If the animal or bird is already dead, it is also a definite no, no (the chicken parts in a supermarket is also a definite no, no, unless, it was slaughtered by Islamic rules-Halal). Lets see how a Muslim, MUST prepare a live chicken, for consumption. The live chicken must first be bled off most of its blood, by slitting the throat only slightly, so that the chicken bleeds profusely, and screaming, kicking and jumping for life, the chicken very slowly dies due to lack of blood. This is a must in Islam, because the soul is believed to be in the blood. And eating the chicken with the blood is claimed to be also eating its soul, and the eater, will be haunted or attacked by the chicken’s soul (revenge)

While the throat is being slit, a prayer must also be said. (That is why human’s throats are also slit; even children like 8 year-old Monica Armanious.) Then the chicken will have to be cleaned off the splattered blood and feathers plucked off, and further cutting and cleaning of the intestines, excreta, entrails, etc. Cooking the chicken with pork lard or anything haram (forbidden) is also a definite no, no. Muslims are also required to eat food prepared by Muslims only (Halal). Then again, if it is the 28-day fasting month, you will have to overstuff yourself with food in the nights till the wee hours, to starve in the daylight hours. They naturally won't feel hungry in the days, due to this overstuffing in the nights (and depriving sleep), and instead, they usually spend the day throwing-up from bloated stomachs. If you can stand the details of this Muslim rule of slaughtering, would you even bother, just for a meal of chicken? Can you imagine Islam applying these rules for bigger animals like cows, sheep, etc? In France and some European countries, this Islamic doctrine of slaughtering for public consumption is totally banned, due to its cruelty to animals and birds (except in their private houses). So living a Muslim life is gruesome, bloody, and cruel to everything amongst themselves and around them. (See article ‘A balanced understanding of Islam’). 

Are Muslims tolerant among themselves? The 14-year-old Muslim boy in Iran, who was killed by the Iranian Muslims themselves (see News file) for eating in the day during this false fasting month, is an example of their nurtured intolerance to all transgressions against Allah/Islam (small or big). If they are intolerant among themselves, what chance is there for non-Muslims? So if he says he believes in Islam; what does it tell you?

What can one do? Lets SAVE these Muslims from their Hell bound life, which their own Quran confirms. When a Muslim is converted, he generally feels, he was betrayed into going astray from the true path of God Almighty, and will be more than willing to make amends for the past (As I am). When converted, an ex-Muslim will be grateful to you and your best friend and your greatest strength. He/she will be the one to know both sides of the ‘coin’- an indispensable asset. He will work with you to save other Muslims, as my 16 ex-Muslims and I are doing. My converts too have their own numerous successes. Without Muslims, Islam is dead and so is Islamic atrocities. At the least; Islam’s decline will be further accelerated, if only we try. 

Twenty years ago, half the world was painted ‘red’ with Godless communism, which seemed then, so formidable and invincible. But look at it now – almost dead. So, are you willing to make a difference of ONE, to contribute to a better world? When just one person stops and shows he/she cares about this world, it does make a lot of difference, exponentially. If you do care, and want to make a difference, then read on. 

First, e-mail this article to all you know. 
Next, the least you can do, is to talk with others about Islam, the Islamic atrocities, this website and its Links (in other words spread the word around of the truth about Islam). 

Get a person/s of similar interest (not necessarily only Christians) to form a group/Assoc./club/etc, to save a Muslim from Hell. 
Buy a copy of The Glorious Quran (soft back), by Mohammed Marmaduke Pickthall, by Mentor Books, and published by New American Library, New York. Or borrow it from your library. This will help you with your work to know the true details of the Quran (because whatever you say, the Muslims will lie and say Islam is not like that but peaceful). Pickthall’s Quran is the top-most recognized English Translation, and used by most Madrassahs (Islamic schools), scholars, Sharia Courts and Islamic Govts. 

Make contact with Muslims and use your ingenuity to improvise when the need arises, but always be honest and sincere. If you don’t know an answer, say you will come back with the answer. 

Muslims will ask mostly false stories they were told about Christianity. But there are lots of sources with ready answers. The Bible, websites - ChristiansAnswers.Net and the WebBible Encyclopedia are great sources of information about Christianity. 

My greatest strength ironically comes from my own ex-Muslim converts. We also have a lot of family fun, prayers, picnics, tours, games, meeting people, family parties on auspicious days, and a feeling of a great sense of purpose in life. When I die, I know, my life was not meaningless and it made a difference. Believe me, almost every Muslim have varying degrees of doubts about Islam. No Muslim truly wants to go to Hell as their Quran confirms in Islam. There are hundreds of millions of Muslims who are fed up of lying for Islam in the face of all the visible truths demonstrated. There are also Muslims fed up with Muslims. Millions of Muslims are fed up of their straightjacket life, and wish for a way out. And that is where you come in, to help free him/her exist Islam and join the right path. Sympathize with their miserable life. Always believe that you can do it, by not looking at the obstacles only, but looking at all the possibilities. The first step might only look difficult, but as you go, things will keep automatically falling in place.

God has not given us the spirit of fear, but one of love and a sound mind. So why not use it?  I think we can, at the least, show him that we are trying, to make a difference, for a better world, for our future generations and us. When you get your first convert, you are all set for further quick successes. In time, you will be able to look back at your life with meaningful pride of purpose. You have nothing to loose, but at the very least, enjoy in the process and make your faith stronger. So call your friends and act now. The One True God blesses and loves you, so allow him to protect and guide your future.

By Ahmed Simon 


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