1 - Basic World Policy, Faith, Ideology and Culture

2 - Islamic Dictatorships and their hate of others. 

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1- Basic World Policy

The objective today of the Islamic World Organization is to control all the countries in the world by being the countries leaders. Their method of operation is to increase the percentage of those following the Islamic Religion in the country by any method possible and to decrease the percentage of non-Muslims in that country also by any method possible. 

The establishment of a Islamic Dictatorship in a country having a majority of Muslims is the major goal. 
Examples would be today the countries of  like Saudi Arabia and Iran.

- Some groups that were slaughtered by the Muslims have established a Memorial day:
        1-April 24 : Armenia day. This is the official Armenian memorial day for their victims of the Muslim genocide             against Christian Armenians in World War I 

        2-August 7: Assyrian Day. This is the day the Assyrians use to commemorate their victims of the centuries             long genocide of Assyrians by Muslims 

        3-August 14 : Hindu Holocaust Day. This is the day Hindus established to commemorate their victims             committed by the Muslims 

a- Islamic Faith, Ideology
  - Continuous War Policy 
  - Islam cannot ever be at peace until they conquer the whole world. 
  - A Culture of Violence - Never non-violent approach 
  - Islam never does anything bad - It is always the other persons fault

From the Quran
 Sharia 5.51  Muslim Aversion to Non-Muslim Rule Nov 2016 
 Quran 8;12,47:15, 5:35, 8:12,47:3-6 What's So Un-Islamic About ISIS? August 23, 2016

General  articles     
Muslim Groupings and Hatreds and some Islamic History
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Stop Asking 'Why Do They Hate Us?'  April 11, 2016

b- About women
I cannot remain an Islam Woman
Europe Pushes Back Against Female Genital Mutilation 31 May 2009
Clothing (Hijab) Bullies Want Everyone to Cover Up, 8 Jun 2009 
How the Islamist Mindset Rationalizes - and Promotes - 'Sex Sins' March 1, 2010
Beneath the veil: Aug 15, 2010
Disfigured Afghan teen's father-in-law arrested August 2010
Rape 'impossible' in marriage, says Muslim cleric Oct 14 2010
Muslim Woman Seeks to Revive Institution of Sex-Slavery June 6, 2011
Egypt's Sex-Slave Marriage July 5, 2012
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c- About Speech
Freedom of Expression December 1, 2007
Freedom to Speak and Write Must be Protected December, 3, 2007
Criticizing Islamists Can Be Hazardous to Your Health Jan 22, 2010
Muslims Won't Listen to Hirsi Ali May 26, 2015

d- About Non-Muslims
Christians captured - Convert or else  Ragga Syria Mar 22, 2014 
DHIMMI-Hating non-Muslim God-believers
Islamists Target Christians 'Wherever They Can Reach Them
Saudi Grand Mufti Calls for "Destruction of All Churches in Region" Mar, 22 2014
Sudan Mother's Case 'Tip of the Iceberg' on Islamic Persecution June 6, 2014
New Anti-Semitic Film all the Rage in Turkey April 27, 2015
What is an Infidel? December 31 2015

e- About atrocities
Beheading - in the Name of Islam Spring 2005
Blood Drinking - "We are the Muslims. We drink the blood..."Jan 18, 2007
Jihad, Martyrdom, and the Torments of the Grave  March 14, 2009
Caught on Tape: The Middle East's Culture of Cruelty May 15, 2009
Suicide Bombing as Worship - Dimensions of Jihad Fall 2009
A Muslim, Her Guide Horse, and Reciprocity   Dec 16, 2010 
Beheading Infidels: How Allah 'Heals the Hearts of Believers'  September 11, 2014
Challenging Islam's License to Kill  March 25, 2015

f- About More on Islam

       a- http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/
       b- Book - Satanic Verses - Salman Rushdie
​       c- Why I am not a Muslim - Ibn Harraq 


2-Islamic Dictatorships and their Hate of others throughout the world.

- Afghanistan - Giant  Buddha statues 'blown up, 11 March, 2001 
- Afghanistan - President backs law which 'legalizes rape within marriage  31st March 2009
- Egypt - Life on Hold for Egyptian Christian Arrested for his Faith   December 17, 2010
- England - train bombing  7 July 2005

- India - The Mumbai Atrocities: Where is the Outrage? December 17, 2008
- Malaysia -  Prime Minister - All Jews must be killed 9/03 
- Saudia Arabia -  Oil, Politics and the Wahhabi Terrorists and Haters Nov01
- Saudia Arabia - Finance Escaping Al Aqaida Transfer To PA Feb 02

Pakistan  A suicide bomber blew himself up 12/8/2010
- Syria - Dissident Watch: Anwar al-Bunni April 2007
- Syria's Financial Support for Jihad July 14, 2009.
- Swedish Jihad Revelations December 20, 2010
- Turkey- Sending Jews to Death 
United States - Attempted Plane Bombing -  "Worked Really Very, Very Smoothly" in Detroit? 12/28/2009

Muslim Groupings and Hatreds

It is common practice for politicians, journalists and other public figures to describe events in the Middle East in western terminology: "right wing,""left wing," "radical," "moderate;" etc. However, these and other terms cannot be accurately applied to the turmoil that is the Middle East. 

Aside from the overly covered Arab-Israel Conflict, there exist centuries long inter-Arab (moslem) conflicts that are now becoming more and more brutally blatant.  The western observer must have a basic knowledge of the various factions and sets within the Islamic sphere if he is to comprehend the machinations and internal conflicts within the Arab world. 

First however, he must understand that Islam which encompasses everything in life - politics, law, economies, human relations, attitudes to war - is not a single set of religious beliefs called Islam. There exist numerous conflicts within Islam which are little understood by outsiders. 

The two main bodies within Islam are the Sunni Muslims (800 million) and the Shiite Muslims (110 million). (The split occurred in the 7th century over a dispute concerning the true successor of Muhammad.) 

The Sunnis are the majority of the overall Muslim population except in Iran, Lebanon,. and Baharein. The Sunnis themselves are divided into the Ibadhis and the Wahhabis. The latter is the dominant group in Saudi Arabia and the former is everyone else. 

The Shiites are split into approximately 5 factions of which 2 are most important the Ithna Asharis (literally "Twelvers,"after the 12th Muslim Imam in the 9th century) and the Alawites. The Twelvers. (60 million) sect of the Shiites has been the official state religion in Iran since 1502. 

Khorneini has turned it into an activist political doctrine and the basis for the present Iranian Islamic revolution. 

Twelvers also comprise more than half the population in Iraq (a major element in the Iran-Iraq war) and Baharein. There is also a vigorous minority in Lebanon which includes such extremist factions as the Hizballah (Hizb-Allah, Party of Allah) who were responsible for the TWA highjacking. 

The Alawites (1 million), although a rather obscure sect within Islam, takes on particular importance because they rule Syria. President Hafez Al-Assad of Syria is an Alawite and has made sure that vital military and political positions are dominated by Alawites. The Alawites only comprise about 10% of Syria's 8.5 million population. The Sunnis (the majority) perceive the Alawites as heretics. 

As a result Assad has faced heavy opposition from the Muslim Brotherhood (Sunni fundamentalists) and their supporters within Syria. To maintain control he has suppressed all opposition to his minority Alawite regime. In 1982, the Syrian army massacred an estimated 20,000 or more Sunnis in the town of Hama. 

Things become even more complex because of the existence of tribal groups within Islam such as the Kurds (10 million) who are spread out through Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. (Mostly Sunni, but some Shiite Kurds too.) 

In Iraq and Iran they have been at odds with the ruling regimes intermittently for years. In Iraq they fought an all out war during the 1960's and 1970's. In Iran Khomeini issued orders in 1979 to crush the Kurds, and subsequently the Kurds withdrew to the surrounding mountains where they have waged a guerrilla war with Teheran ever since. 

The Islamic world and the potential threat it poses to the Christian west is little understood by those who most need to understand it - the rulers of the western democracies. 

French writer Andre Malraux studied the development of modern Islam and made the following comment in the early 1960's: "The violence of the Islamic upsurge is the major phenomenon of our age. Underestimated by most contemporary observers, the rise of Islam is comparable to the beginnings of Communism in Lenin's time." 

Malraux's observation is truer today than then. Particularly in light of the rise of international terrorism supported by Islamic states like Syria, Iran and Libya, and its threat to the western way of life. 

YEDIDYA ATLAS Jerusalem, Israel 





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