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Who IS Allah?
January 13, 2003

I wonder about Allah, the god of Ishmael. Is this the same god as the Gd of Avraham? I wonder about the god of a religion that transforms men and women and even children into human bombs to kill Jews. Is this the same god as the G-d of the Jews?

To become a walking homicide bomb - a genocide bomb - this is beyond comprehension. What kind of mother is it who can be happy and proud of her son or daughter blowing himself or herself up to kill Jews? What kind of people is it that can do such things in the name of Allah? Who is this Allah? Is he the god of hatred, of bloodshed?

I just can't understand how a civilization worthy of the name can produce human bombs. I can't understand how civilized people can exalt suicide bombers who explode themselves in the midst of children. Has the word "civilization" become meaningless? It seems to me that a "civilization" that sacrifices children in the name of Allah smacks of paganism.

Can it be that Islam is but the veneer of a pagan culture? Can it be that this religion has never quite succeeded in eliminating the paganism on which it was engrafted? Is this why the illustrious philosopher. Rabbi Avraham Kook referred to Islam as a ruinous civilization that "takes pride in glaring falsehood"? Maybe the West is not confronted by a "clash of civilizations. "Maybe it's a clash between civilization and barbarism, except that this barbarism lurks beneath aspects borrowed from civilization!

Why is it that almost every Islamic state is a tyranny, which by definition degrades human beings? Can it be that while one may find decent Muslims, they do not represent authentic or unadulterated Islam? Why is it that Muslim clerics around the Islamic world - with hardly an exception - do not condemn the pagan practice of human sacrifice? Why is it that these clerics do not denounce, in the name of Allah, the countless Muslims who dance with glee when their kinsmen, transformed into genocide bombs, slaughter innocent men, women, and children?

I wonder about this Allah. I wonder about the monotheism of those who worship Allah. Is their monotheism the same as that of the Jews? I find this hard to believe. I find it hard to believe that people who glorify bloodshed believe in the same G-d as the Jews. I read in the Zohar (Exodus 90a), "He who sheds the blood of a fellowman is considered as diminishing the Divine archetype of man as well. Thus the first commandment '1 am the L-rd thy G-d,' contains the motive for the sixth [commandment], 'Thou shalt not murder"

So I wonder about Allah and the monotheism of Islam. Is it ethical monotheism? But if it is not ethical monotheism, how can Allah, the god of Ishmael, be the same as the G-d of the Jews?

But I also wonder about conventional critics of Islam's human bombs. They rightly denounce human bombs, saying no social of political grievance can justify the slaughter of civilians. But they do not place in question the religion or civilization that spawns these human bombs.

Is it not the case that almost every war now taking place on this planet involves Muslims? Isn't this a reflection of Islam itself? True, one can find in the Koran suras that speak of peace. But no less than Winston Churchill,
a scholar as well as a statesman, referred to Hitler's Mein Kempf as "the new Koran of faith and war."

Did not Haj Amin al-Husseini, the grand mufti of Jerusalem, collaborate in Hitler's "Final Solution" to the Jewish problem? This al-Husseini, be it known, was a direct descendant of Hussein,- the grandchild of Mohammed. What is more, Yasir Arafat, who was born in 1928 in Cairo as Abed a-Rachman Abed a-Rauf Arafat alQudwah al-Husseini, is a relative of that same mufti of Jerusalem. Do you now better understand why Arafat, the Ishmaelite, will never yield on the issue of Jerusalem, and will never forsake Hitler's "Final Solution" to the Jewish problem?

The Torah (Gen. 16:12) refers to Ishmael as a wild beast with the veneer of a human being (Pereh Adam), and says, "His hand will be against everyone ..." So I wonder about the god of this Ishmael, and doubt that Allah is the same as the G-d of.the Jews. And to and behold, I read in the Zohar (Exodus 87a): "Thou shalt avoid conceiving Me in those aspects which form Ishmael's religion."

From this I conclude that Israel is not just at war with Yasir Arafat and his Palestinian Authority. It seems to me Israel is at war with Ishmael and Ishmael's god.