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In Italian Universities – Israel is Out
and Rectors who are probably connected to the Catholic Church support this action
April 29, 2015 

Italy’s universities recently hosted a two day campaign by Omar Barghouti. He is the founder of BDS, the international movement for the boycott of Israel. He is thus the godfather of all the recent campaigns that pushed banks, companies, churches, trade unions, universities and corporations to divest from the Jewish State. Barghouti wrote the manifesti of the anti-Israeli movement, “Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions”.

Barghouti’s first stop in Italy was the Italian Chamber of Deputies, then the University of Roma Tre (its Department of Political Science), and finally the University of Turin. Many Italian NGOs joined in this anti-Israeli initiative, from the leftist Arci to the Christian Pax Christi.

The rectors of these universities should have refused an audience to Barghouti. He is not, in fact, an intellectual critic of Israel, for in that case he would have been protected by freedom of expression. Barghouti is the leader of a movement denying Israel’s right to exist. He has charged the Jewish State of “apartheid”, “war crimes and crimes against humanity”, “ethnic cleansing” and even of “Nazism”.

Barghouti’s choice of the Israeli companies to boycott reveals a hatred for the very existence of Israel. In fact, his target is the Jewish people, not the Israelis of Judea and Samaria. His BDS cohorts boycott companies that simply carry the label “Made in Israel”.

This is a poison that should have not entered my Italian universities. But I was not surprised, since anti-Semitism has grown dramatically in these places of higher learning.

Last October, many Italian professors signed the anthropologists’ appeal to boycott Israel. Many professors of Ca’ Foscari University in Venice signed a petition which included the statement that “my conscience doesn’t permit me to collaborate with official Israeli institutions, including universities”.

An Israeli student at the University of Turin, Amit Peer, confessed to Italian newspapers that “the Jews here are hiding their own identity because they risk becoming a target”.

Israeli attaché Shai Cohen was prevented from speaking at Pisa University after an attack by students, who called him “butcher”. Israeli ambassador Ehud Gol fled Florence University after another protest.

Daniela Santus, an associate professor of cultural geography at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures of Turin, was a victim of the climate of “psychological terrorism” which is spreading in the Italian universities, to use an expression of Riccardo Pacifici, President of the Jewish Community of Rome. The teacher was accused of “Zionist propaganda” by a body of students, who interrupted her lecture, lit smoke bombs and threw eggs amid insults and threats.

In Turin’s University, in culmination, Omar Barghouti declared: “The Israeli regime has no right to exist”.

The academic boycott goal, in fact, is the same as that of two other Barghouti family members, Marwan and Abdullah, the first the planner of the Second Intifada and the second the master bomb maker who killed 67 Jews:

It is wiping Israel off the map. And proclaiming it boldly in front of the Italian academia without fear of a negative reaction.

In Italy in 1938 the Italian Union of Mathematics replaced its representative in the committee of the German magazine “Zentralblatt fur Mathematik”, the famous Jewish scientist Tullio Levi-Civita, with two Aryan mathematicians, Francesco Severi and Enrico Bompiani. Levi-Civita lost his chair and was banned from all the Italian scientific academies.

It was a prostitution of science and culture. Now, once again, we are witnessing a similar capitulation against Israel. 

Givlio Meotti.