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1 - Recent Roman Catholic Double-talk on Hatred

Not to long ago, a world conference of the Protestant Church was held in Geneva, Switzerland, thus bringing together the churches that follow Martin Luther's teachings. They publicly resolved that the Protestants today disassociate themselves from Martin Luther's Hatred of Jews. 

In this, they followed the example of the Roman Catholic Church, which, at its Second Ecumenical Council, published a document revoking the accusation of deicide against the Jews and eliminating this source of Hatred. 

These changes in the Roman Catholic outlook were caused on the one hand not only by the absolute horror of the Holocaust, but mainly by the creation of the State of Israel. 

For one thousand six hundred years, Roman Catholics have mocked the Jews with the claim that their exile was eternal and definitive. History has now again shown this derision to be unfounded. 

The miraculous creation of the sovereign, independent State of Israel in the land of the Hebrew forefathers, after such a long interval, was a blow to Roman Catholic theology. 

Needless to say recent developments indicate that this position by the Roman Catholic Church has been reversed. They seem to believe that Israel can now be destroyed with an alliance with Islam. 

Present day Roman Catholic support of HATRED or limited action against HATE by the RCO is now noted. It seems like business as usual against all non-Roman Catholics. 

2 - Germany Reports 10,000 Neo-Nazis 

Germany's Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution announced that the number of far-right extremists in Germany had risen by ten percent last year, to almost 10,000. Over the same period, the number of crimes attributed to the far-right and neo-Nazis rose to its highest level since reunification in 1990 - up about 20% for the first eight months of the year. In a shocking statistic, officials reported 1,112 crimes of extremist, xenophobic or anti-semitic origin were committed last August alone - almost double the average listed for the first seven months of the year. "So much has happened this year that we believed could not again be possible in Germany," lamented Paul Spiegel, head of Germany's Central Council of Jews. 

RESPONSE winter 01/02 

3 - Roman Catholics kill Jews in Seville, Spain 

The Jewish quarter of Seville, Spain was burned by the locals. They murdered 5,000 Jews. Many of the women and children were sold to the Moslems as slaves. Most of Seville's 23 synagogues were destroyed or turned into churches. 

4 - Cardinal Egan Comments on Terror 

Cardinal Edward Egan, in Vatican City for a month long meeting of Roman Catholic bishops from around the world, said yesterday that "words like vengeance, retaliation and so forth are not the words of civilized people." 

The Cardinal witnessed the collapse of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11 and administered last rites to victims. 

With Pope John Paul II listening, Cardinal Egan said that the United States must not "get involved in a lot of injustice to settle our accounts." 

Marina Harss (NYT) 10-2-01