1-Slavery & Child molestation by the Roman Catholic Church

2-Books and other websites that seem to hate the Roman Catholic Church because of what they have done and does, and it goes on and on. 

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1-Slavery & Child molestation 

The Catholic Church has been the main culprits of two of the worst atrocities committed on human kind. The first one was its Sanctioning of the African Slave trade and the second is the biggest COVER UP of child molestation all over the world. While the first event happened centuries ago, with the affects still reverberating today, the second event has been going on for decades if not centuries only to be revealed recently. And their religious intolerance and bigotry is still going on today.

For those people unaware of the beginning of the African Slave trade, when the Europeans came to the "New World", they came with the intentions of claiming all lands, riches, and peoples for themselves. They forced the people they found living there into slavery. This action caused the death of millions of people. It was the edict of one Bartolome de Las Casas, a name no person of African Descent should EVER FORGET, to essentially say that the "Indians were dying because of the hard labor. Why don't we make the AFRICANS become our slaves?" And with those words, the African Slave trade was ramped up and the rest, as we all know, is history.

These conquerors came with two things needed to subjugate a whole race of people, the GUN and the BIBLE. The GUN was used for obvious intentions. To kill every man, woman, or child, who dared to stand up to them or refuse to play by their rules. Then the BIBLE was brought in to teach the "heathens, pagans, or uncivilized" (or whatever name the Europeans wanted to use to make themselves feel superior), to accept their lot in lives. Meaning?? Under their twisted logic, it was "God's will or plan" for them to be the slaves of the Europeans! Why am I bringing this up? In due time I will reveal my reasons for "rehashing history." 

In 2001, several lawsuits were filed against the Catholic Church because of the massive cover up of child molestation incidents going back as far as 1928! These child abusers were able to work ALL OVER THE WORLD, with little or no supervision and even less concern about being caught. Many of the priests who were accused of molestation were usually just transferred from state to state, or in some cases COUNTRY TO COUNTRY, to other churches with no warning to the church's parishioners about the predator who was being unleashed on them. A report commissioned by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, stated that there was indeed sexual misdeeds committed by their priests. They insist that the percentage was small, only 4%. If they are admitting to 4%, you can best believe the percentage is much bigger than that! And the fact that these actions were done with the full knowledge of the powers that be speaks volumes about what they considered to be important. It certainly wasn't the children! And remember, the authorities were rarely, if ever, called in to investigate these abuses. 

This cover up eventually led to almost a BILLION DOLLARS in payouts to victims. And these are the financial settlements that we know about. For decades, if not CENTURIES, the Catholic Church has been paying "hush money" to victims of child abuse. OK, we get it; the Catholic Church has been a part of some bad things. But what does that have to do with Same Sex Marriage?

The Catholic Church has been influential in the Same Sex Marriage debate stating that "Traditional Marriage" should be protected at all costs. That marriage is between a man and a woman, PERIOD! That Same Sex attraction is a sin and that's all there is too it. No need to discuss it further. 

That the SEPERATION of CHURCH AND STATE is the bedrock of our constitution has been conveniently forgotten by the Catholic Church. That the Catholic Church is one of the MAIN REASONS the founding fathers decided to add that statement to the Constitution should remind people of that. That the religious BIGOTRY, INTOLERANCE, and TYRANNY they practiced were so strong that they necessitated this addition should not be forgotten. People forget that there are 8 different marital arrangements in the bible. So when people say "I'm just following the bible", they need to be made aware of the fact that there were eight different "versions" of marriage in the bible, including polygamy AND monogamy!

That RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION is alive and well in the world should not be taken lightly. And for an organization, the Catholic Church, to have been on the WRONG SIDE of some of the biggest ATROCITES ever committed on mankind should not be forgotten either. With the history of the Catholic Church, they are in NO POSITION to JUDGE anyone on anything, EVER! And that includes the debate on Same Sex Marriage!

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2-Books and other websites that seem to hate the Roman Catholic Church because of what they have done and does and it goes on and on. 
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a-Groups Critical of the Catholic Church

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b-Books Critical of the Catholic Church

God Betrayed: A Critique of the Catholic Church as an Institution Tom O'Malley  
The Great Sacrilege Rev. James Wathen 
Led Us Not Into Temptation: Catholic Priests and the Sexual Abuse of Children Jason Gerry 
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A People Adrift : The Crisis of the Roman Catholic Church in America Peter Steinfels 

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