1 - The Roman Catholic Organization (RCO) Basic World Policy

2 - History of past atrocities against mankind in general

3 - History of past atrocities against Jews and other recent items by the RCO 

4-Books and other websites that seem to hate the Roman Catholic Church because of what they have done 
and does and it goes on and on. 

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1 - Basic World Policy of the Roman Catholic Organization (RCO) 

a- The objective today of the Roman Catholic Organization is to control all the countries in the world by controlling their leaders. Their method of operation is to increase the percentage of those following the Roman Catholic Religion in the country by any method possible and to decrease the percentage of non-Roman Catholics in the country also by any method possible. 

The establishment of a Fascist Dictatorship in a country having a majority of or close to a majority of Roman Catholics is therefore the major goal. Examples would be the governments of the Old Holy Roman Empire, the Spain of Franco, the Italy of Mussolini and the Germany of Hitler. 

The RCO can rule only because Roman Catholics accept the rules the Pope has determined. The Pope maintains without proof that he is the authority about the hereafter and have input into your life after death. 

b- After WWII, theologians and philosophers were forced to face the fact that the Holocaust occurred in the heart of Christian Europe, and that Christianity had, at the very least, helped create the environment in which this massacre could take place. The historical challenge was to learn how this had happened. 

By embracing, without any shame, the “State of Palestine”, the Catholic Church shows not only that it didn’t learn the lesson, but also that has no regret for its mistakes.

To teach, as the Vatican did about the Jews, that a people’s mission in God’s providence is finished, that they have been relegated to the limbo of history, has murderous implications which murderers do in time spell out.

Today, exactly as during the Holocaust period, there are only two possible reactions: being concerned and resisting, or being complacent and collaborating.

The Vatican has made its choice. They are complacent and collaborating

2 -Basic world Policy on the death of Jesus the Jew

2 - History of past atrocities against mankind in general

- Slavery 
- Child molestation

3 - History of actions against Jews and others by the Roman Catholic Organization or their supporters 

a-Initial hate history general articles

b-Hate history Post World War II 

a-Initial hate history articles

313 CE - Beginning of the Roman Catholic Church and their Hatred of all else
535 CE - Synod of Clermont: Jews are prohibited from holding public office.
538 CE - Synod of Orleans: Jews are barred from owning Christian slaves or employing Christian servants.
613 CE -  Persecution of the Jews in Spain. All Jews who refused to be baptized had to leave the country. A few years later the remaining Jews were dispossessed, declared as slaves and given to pious 'Christians' of position. 622 CE - All children 7 years or over were taken from their parents and given to receive a Christian education  
622 CE - The Roman Catholic Hateful Crusades slaughter of 1121 Jews
1073 CE - Pope Gregory VII’s prohibiting the Jews from holding office in Europe 
​1078 CE - Synod of Gerona: Jews are obligated to pay taxes for support of the church to the same extent as Christians.
1096 May - June  -  12,000 unarmed Jews of Rhineland killed. Albert of Aix's eyewitness account 
1121 - Jews driven out of Flanders (now a part of Belgium) 
1130 CE - The Jews of  London had to pay compensation of 1 million marks for allegedly killing a sick man
1144 CE - Norwich England First documented 'Jewish blood Libel' accusation, many other 'blood libel' accusations followed over the years resulting in Jews being murdered.   Spring2014 Amit Magazine 
1146-1147 CE - Renewed persecution of the Jews in Germany at the beginning of the Second Crusade. 
1168 CE - Gloucester England -
1179 Third Lateran Council: Jews are prohibited from suing or being witnesses against Christians in the courts.
1181 CE - French King Phillip banished the Jews from his domain. 
1189 CE - York, England At the coronation of Richard the Lionhearted, unexpected persecution of the Jews broke out in England. Most Jewish houses in London were burned and many Jews killed Spring2014 Amit Magazine
1190 CE Mar 7- The Crusaders arrive in Stanford, England on their way to the Holy Land. While there they decide to "kill the murderers of our Lord." and steal all of their money. Many were killed and the rest brutalized in horrible ways -

1209 CE July-  ​Pope Innocent III sent a crusade against the town of Beziers, France. Over 200 Jews Killed. 
1215 CE Fourth Lateran Council: Jews are required to wear distinctive dress (eventually implemented by means of a yellow badge).
1215 CE - King Edward I banished the Jews (16,000) from England. 
1215 CE - The Jews of Erfurt, Germany were falsely accused of a ritual murder. The Jews either were tortured, killed or submitted to baptism. The Jewish quarter was totally destroyed. 
1222 CE - Council of Oxford: Construction of new synagogues is prohibited.
1226 CE - King Louis IX’s who demanded all Jews be baptized

6-21-1239 - Pope Gregory IX ordered that the Talmud "shall be burned" 
3-9-1244 - Pope Innocent IV ordered that the Talmud (Jewish Bible) was to be burned 
6-26-1267 - ​Pope Clement IV established the Inquisition 
1267 CE - Synod of Breslau: Jews are forced to reside in ghettos.
6-19-1269 - Jews in France were ordered to wear a distinctive yellow badge
2-28-1276 - Bishop Pierre lll of Carpentras, France forced Jews to pay him a protection tax 
2-28-1276 - Jews were expelled from England 
1279 CE -  Synod of Ofen: Christians are prohibited from selling or renting real estate to Jews.

1320 CE - Persecution of Jews in Franconia, Bavaria and Austria. 140 Jewish communities were destroyed and 100,000 Jews mercilessly killed.  
July 7, 1320 - Catholic Crusaders against Muslims killed 400 Jews in Jaca, France
1320 CE - In France 120 Jewish communities were destroyed. 
8-21-1321 - Jews of Chinon, France were accused of poisoning the wells to cause and epidemic in the Roman Catholic community. 160 Jews were burned at the stake on nearby island which is now called the Island of the Jews 
1321 CE - 5,000 Jews were burned at the stake in Guienne, France 
1321 CE - Jews were blamed for the plague . In Strausberg Germany 2000 Jews burned, in Mainz 6000 in Erfut 3000 and Worms 400 
3-21-1329 - ​Jews of Muhlhausen, Thuringia were ordered killed by Count Fredrick because "they set out to destroy all Christendom"
2-14-1349 - After having been falsely accused of poisoning the wells, the Jews of Strasbourg, Alsace were condemned to death collectively. In a huge pyre, 2000 men, women and children were burned alive.
1348-1349 CE - The RCO Valentine's Day Hate massacre
3-1-1349 - Germany - the Alderman of Worms, like in other communities sentenced the entire Jewish community to be burned at the stake. Blamed Jews for Black Plague deaths.  
2-14-1349 - Strasbourg, Alsace - 2000 Jews (men, women and children) falsely accused burned alive in massive fire 
12-25-1369 - King Frederick III of Sicily issued order forcing Jews to wear badge indicating their heritage 
6-20-1391 - Roman Catholics in Seville, Toledo and throughout Spain killed and evicted Jews 
8-5-1391 - In Spain mobs attacked Jews and murdered/tortured them 

December 23,1420 - Pope Martin V ordered an end to converting Jewish children (under 12) to Christianity without their parent's permission because the practice had become rampant.
1434 CE -  Council of Basel: Jews are barred from obtaining academic degrees.
1470's-80's - Inquisition in Spain - King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella aim to rid their kingdoms of heretics.

1483-1492 CE - The Spanish Inquisition which, under direction of the Roman Catholic Church, perpetrated against Jews torture, heavy fines, confiscation of property, banishment, and death

1492 CE - The Banishment of Jews from Spain. 300,000 left the country penniless. 
1492 CE - August 2 - The actual expulsion of Jews from Spain began
1497 CE - Jews expelled from Portugal. Many declared as slaves. 

1550 CE - April 12  -  Jews were expelled from Genoa, Italy 
1553 CE - August 12 - Pope Julius lll ordered Jewish bibles burned because it contained 'anti-Christian statements'
1569 CE - Feb 26 -  Pope Pius V expelled Jews from the Papal States 

1670 CE - July 25 - Jews expelled from Vienna, Austria. The Great synagogue was destroyed and a church dedicated to St Margaret was erected in its place 

1800's - Pope Pius IX - New accusations of a Vatican role in Hate 
1800's - Pope Pius IX & kidnapping 
1839 - The RCO and the Matzoh of Zion Hate lie

1900's - Pope Pius XI the 'lost' encyclica 
April 4th 1904 Aspects of the Limerick Progrom 
April 19, 1909 - Polish Legionnaires looted and burned the section of Vilna during a four day pogrom. Hundreds of Jews were murdered and hundreds more were arrested and tortured 
The RCO and the Hateful Protocols of Zion lie (1911)
1930's - Pope Pius XII Holocaust Vatican archives remain closed 
Papal Demonization Of Jews Paved Way To Holocaust
1930's-1940's - Pope Pius XII The infamous Vatican-Nazi Concordat, etc 
Pope Pius XII - Hitlers Pope
Slovak President under President Josef Tiso, a Catholic Priest agreed to deport Jews to death camps
 July10, 1941 - The Day We Burned Our Neighbors Alive  -  Poland

b- Post World War II 

The RCO double-talk on Hatred
The RCO YMCA - Support of Hatred
The RCO supporting the renewing of the "Hateful" Holy Roman Empire
The RCO Pope welcomes Hater - Austrian's Joerg Haider - Governor of Carinthia
Germany reports 10,000 Neo-Nazis
The RCO warns all Christian churches
The RCO Pope and Islam united in Hate lies
The RCO hiding the truth about their involvement regarding World War II
Pope Pius XII Holocaust Vatican archives remain closed
The RCO HATERS will never stop conflicts - Northern Ireland

The RCO is distributing New hateful church bible "People's Gospel"
The RCO is planning for a return of the 'Hateful' Holy Roman Empire 
The RCO is back to the basics of Hate and the Sin of Silence
The RCO and their desire to save the mass murder and Hater Timothy McVeigh
Roman Catholic Polish bishops apologize - Now what will they do to stop hate??
1991 Gulf War - When Iraqi scuds are fired against Israel, the Pope condemns attacks against “civilians”, without even mentioning the Israeli people.

2001 Oct 2 Cardinal Egan Comments on Terror (WTC/Pentagon Suicide Bombing) - says nothing 

2002 Jan The Islamisation of Bethlehem
2002 Jan 2 Christians in Indonesia - Allowing persecution to happen. 

Spanish Jews Outraged Over Plan To Honor Founder Of Inquisition
A California diocese feels the pain scandel-Sex & Money

2003 Dec 19 Pope John Paul II approves anti-Jewish Passion film
2004: Pope John Paul condemns the security fence in the "West Bank" saying “the Holy Land doesn’t need walls, but bridges”.

July 2005. Pope Benedict XVI condemns a litany of terrorist atrocities worldwide, avoiding mentioning the 57 Israelis killed in that year of the Second Intifada.

​2006, war in Lebanon. The Vatican rallies against Israel’s response to terror acts, without addressing the latest. Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Vatican’s foreign minister, slams “the attack on Lebanon, a free and sovereign nation…”.

2007: a delegation of German bishops visit Israel and territories, they compare Ramallah to the Warsaw Ghetto and the security fence to the Berlin Wall.

2009, Operation Cast Lead: Pope Benedict condemns the “massive violence” in Gaza only after Israel bombs the terrorists’ installations, not before that, when thousands of rockets were fired against Israeli civilians. Cardinal Renato Martino, head of the Vatican Council for Justice, calls Gaza “a concentration camp”.

2009: Pope Benedict in Jerusalem participates in an interreligious meeting. Sheik Tamimi, the Palestinian highest cleric, accused Israel of “murdering children”. The Pope stands silent.

2009: the Vatican refuses to boycott the Durban II conference in Geneve, used by Iran’s Ahmadinejad to attack the Jewish people. 

2010: October, the Vatican synod of the Middle East bishops in Rome: the Catholic clerics proclaims that there is no “promised land” nor “chosen people”.

2010 Oct 27 Pope Benedict- More Anti-Jewish Policy - What bible is the Vatican reading

2015 Apr 29 In Italian Universities – Israel is Out
2015 May 15 Why Is the Pope Provoking War in Israel? 
2015 May 22 The Vatican is Always Against Israel 
2015 May 27 Vatican: Irish gay marriage vote a ‘defeat for humanity ’ 
2015 Jun 26 Why Didn’t Allied Powers Bomb Railroads to Auschwitz? 

2015 Sep 25 Israel Catholic Schools - Leaders Anti-israel
2015 Dec 15 Contrary to headlines, Church has no plans to stop missionizing

4- Books and other websites that seem to hate the Roman Catholic Church because of what they have done and does and it goes on and on. 

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a-Groups Critical of the Catholic Church

United American Catholic Church -  http://www.uacatholicchurch.org/church/
about/about_the_uacc.htm - Catholics for Choice http://www.catholicsforchoice.org/ 
Church Challenge - http://www.churchchallenge.com/
Leadership Conference of Women Religious -  http://www.lcwr.org/ 
NETWORK -  http://www.networklobby.org/ 
The Roman Catholic Church is not Christain - http://www.jesus-is-lord.com/cath.htm

b-Books, etc Critical of the Catholic Church

God Betrayed: A Critique of the Catholic Church as an Institution Tom O'Malley  
The Great Sacrilege Rev. James Wathen 
Led Us Not Into Temptation: Catholic Priests and the Sexual Abuse of Children Jason Gerry 
Papal Sin : Structures of Deceit Garry Wills 
A People Adrift : The Crisis of the Roman Catholic Church in America Peter Steinfels 
History of Catholic Anti-Semitism -The Dark Side of the Church - Robert Michael
The Christian Roots of Anti-Semitism -Isaacs
The Popes Against the Jews-David I Kertzer-2001
The Last Crusade - January 2011 
J'Accuse: The Vatican Against Israel - Giulio Meotti 2015

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