"On September 11, 2001, there occurred a discontinuity of such millennial proportions that it has been said that `the world will never be the same again.' ... This harsh discontinuity, exploiting the element of surprise, affected everyone, paralyzing economic activity in the developed countries for the best part of a week or more, and altering the psychology of the West, and indeed of the whole world. In the nanoseconds in which around 7,000 were incinerated and murdered, economic agents, including of course consumers, lost confidence in humanity, in the future for themselves and their children, and in the likelihood of their very survival" (Economic Intelligence Review, Sept-Oct. 2001). 
Oil, Politics and the Saudis 

Americans, in their extreme penchant for even - handedness, have been selling themselves the lie that most Muslims are peaceful folks. If this be the case, why is it that America's own media continue to throw up perpetual video images of hundreds, even thousands, in Iraq and Pakistan, demonstrating against the U.S. and baying for the blood of American men, women and children? 

Granted, the terrorists themselves represent the extreme of violent Islamic hatred. Writing for the British Spectator magazine, Stephen Schwartz indicates that the militant Islamic sect from which the terrorists hailed is the Wahhabi, dating from the very establishment of Islam in the seventh century. Schwartz indicates that the Wahhabi "are best described as Islamo-fascists, although they have much in common with Bolsheviks" (Sept. 22). (Small wonder, then, that they find some of their greatest sympathizers in the rank and file of neo-Nazi groups. "German investigators into terrorist `sleepers' have switched their attention to right-wing extremists who could join forces with Islamic fundamentalists. Neo-Nazi groups applauded the 11 September suicide attacks on the United States, and thanked the terrorists for `knocking out' the `common enemy"' (Observer, Oct. 7).) 

Christopher Story, editor of Economic Intelligence Review, states that the Wahhabi preach "extremism of the most demonic kind." Osama bin Laden is a Wahhabi, as are the suicide bombers in Israel. Wahhabi form extreme elements in Egypt, in Algeria, the Taliban of Afghanistan, and the Kashmiri murderers of Hindus. 

Among the 10 million-strong Islamic community in America, the Wahhabi doctrine is rampant - as it is among over 2 million Muslims in Britain and over 1 million in Australia. It is estimated that over 80 percent of the mosques in the U.S. are under the influence, if not control, of Wahhabi Imams (leaders), daily preaching extremism within the very nation which has given them freedoms and blessings they could never experience in their home countries. 

Why is this tolerated? Why the big lie - in the face of the history of Islam and the fact that its founder, Muhammad, was a religious warrior - foisted onto Anglo-Americans that Islam is a peace-loving religion? The answer is simple: oil! 

The apparent paradox is that, although Osama bin Laden has publicly sworn to destroy the royal family of Saudi Arabia, it is the Saudi princes who subsidize the Wahhabi extremists. And the wealth they enjoy, in turn, comes from the United States' exploitation of Saudi Arabian oil. 

American statesmen such as George Bush Sr. and James Baker have, since the 1960s, supported the ruling house of Saudi Arabia in the interests of maintaining the flow of oil from that country. In reality, by condemning every country that houses and supports those who contribute to the terrorist ideal, America condemns itself! 

Although its adherents will not agree, Islam, by its very nature, is inherently extreme. In its purest form, it tolerates no accord with those who do not submit to its claims. They are collectively regarded as "the infidel." 

In this sense, Islam and Roman Catholicism, in particular as practiced by the Vatican via the Crusades of old, are on a par. While they both preach peace, it is ultimately a peace which can only be obtained by either the forceful conversion or elimination of the unbeliever. The IRA and its political lackey, Sinn Fein, are the Wahhabi of the Roman Catholic Church. Britain has suffered their demented attacks for decades. 

All Fall Together 

In four massive blows on September 11, the U.S. has now been brought into the bloody limelight of overt terrorism suffered by both Britain and the tiny nation of Israel during much of the post-war period. 

A placard held aloft by an Islamic demonstrator in the wake of the U.S. bombing of Afghanistan said it all: "KILL BIN LADEN-NO!-BUSH, BLAIR AND SHARON YES!" How prophetic is the reality of the murderous thought behind that statement. 

Over two-and-a-half millennia ago, a prophet of Almighty God declared such a curse would descend on the houses of Israel and Judah, primarily the U.S. and British Commonwealth and the Jews of today. All three of these cultures exhibit deep, self-inflicted wounds at their moral and spiritual core. Their wounds appear irreversible, given their continuing rebellion against God. 

In a most condemning prophecy, the Eternal God declares of biblical Israel (primarily the Anglo-American peoples today), Ephraim (Great Britain) and Judah (the modern nation of Israel), "I know Ephraim, and Israel is not hid from me: for now, O Ephraim, thou committest whoredom, and Israel is defiled. 

The Philadelphia Trumpet Nov01 

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