1 - What is the real Hatred problem today & where are the anti-hate groups

2 - What is your Mission & what can we do to stop hate crimes 

3 - How can you fulfill your Obligation for Democracy and resolve your problem of where do we go after death

1 - What is the real Hatred problem today 

Today the enemies of God, the Haters are succeeding beyond their wildest beliefs. What can we do to stop hate crimes. Can you join one of the many anti-hate groups

These enemies of God, the HATERS, support dictatorships all over the world and commit murder of innocents, who do not believe what the HATERS want, whenever conditions permit. These dictatorships are basically the:

Roman Catholic Organization 
and the
Islamic Organization

They always have a group of murderers to kill innocents.  They even support drug dealers, prostitution and other morally improper groups as long as that work undermines Democracies.

These enemies of God have succeeded in getting Muslims and Catholics or their agents to murder others today and in the past and also in the process to murder each other for each wants to rule the world alone. 

This is basic for ; 

a. There is continuous conflict all over the Middle East lead by Muslims.
b. There is continuous conflict in the Asia, Africa, Europe and elsewhere between Muslims and others. 
c. There is even continuous conflict between one group of Muslims and another just like there was in the past between Catholics and other Christians.

And who is dying and getting drastically injured in these conflicts. It is the common people, not the leaders, not the HATE instigators. What can we do to stop hate crimes. Will you join one of the anti-hate groups?

First and most importantly you must understand that there is no such thing as a moderate Catholic or Muslim. For, in any debate between a Moderate and a Radical the Radical will always win for he quotes from their respective bible. 

And, in the end you as a Catholic or Muslim must and are expected to support the Radical or else you and possibly your family will be killed.  If you are a Catholic or Muslim and you do not believe in what the Radicals are doing (or have done since they will again do it as soon as they can) leave anyway you can as soon as possible.  Be brave, be righteous and be proud in what you do and leave that evil religion. Then join one of the anti-hate groups.

2 - What is your Mission & especially where do we do after death? 

Foremost you must do all you can to live in Freedom. That is God's first Commandment for you are not to be slaves. To do this, you have the ability, your God given 'free will' to make choices. In most societies today you have been taught to read and reason. You must chose to do what is right no matter what religion was your birth religion or what race or ethnic group you are or where you live.  Consider where do we go after death.

What can we do to stop hate crimes. You and your friends must work with anti-hate groups towards making changes where appropriate to secure:- 

Greater Freedom and What can we do to stop hate crimes? 

Life is very short. You can decide to be a baker, butcher or what you desire to work at. You can also decide to believe in God or not to believe in God. You are your own boss 

If you decide to believe in God, you can pick to join one of the anti-hate groups that are with God. You are not locked into the religion of your birth. You are free to chose. Spend some time to compare your choices and then pick wisely.  When you chose consider where do we go after death

For you in particular before you make a decision we suggest you read our free book 

'Going Up The Down Escalator' 

Note some of God's basic laws that apply to those who believe in one God

If you please your God and fulfill God's Ten Commandments, God will give to you the blessings you deserve and what you desire now and into the hereafter. Make the wrong choices and you will suffer God's wrath accordingly. 

Needless to say your mission, is not to make endless amounts of money, which you cannot take with you when you die, but is towards what can we do to stop hate crimes and better mankind. The Haters of the world are only interested in their own betterment and do not care how it is accomplished or what happens to them when they die. 

The Haters must stand alone in Judgment before God and no one can escape their punishment. Nobody on Earth can forgive them. That is why you should join one of the anti-hate groups. 

It is therefore your mission, no matter what your background is, to first and foremost fight for FREEDOM and figure out what can we do to stop hate crimes by being part of one of the anti-hate groups and help in the removal of all HATERS. Remember this is your mission and for this we all must think about where do we go after death and how we all will fare before God.

We need an attitude that we're all human beings and as such, we all care about each other. That is why we all must consider anti-hate groups and what we can do to stop hate crimes

3 - How can you fulfill your Obligation for Democracy and what can we do to stop hate crimes 

A. Keep in mind that good people are the majority. 

We are not only the silent majority but the absolute majority and that most people want to live peacefully. 

We suggest that you join a democratic group one of the anti-hate groups that opposes the haters. Do all you can to strengthen these groups in one way or another. Just do a little bit each day. That is all God is asking you to do. 

Surely, God does not want you to sit in your easy chair and do nothing.  As a minimum join with us 

B. Try to do what you can to stop hate crimes that are suggested in the following religious institutions

Force appropriate changes in all hate generating religious institutions. That is one thing what we can do to stop hate crimes. In particular, look at the workings of and history of the: 

Roman Catholic Organizations 
and the
Islamic Organizations

Post from this website and others on their bulletin boards articles that show their hatred of all others. Make known to all their continuous hatred and post everywhere. Email and mail to everyone the information. 

C. Infiltrate the Hate groups with your friends from anti-hate groups

Another item to consider in what can we do to stop hate crimes is to spy on the Haters. Report all illegal operations to the appropriate authorities. Create dissension in the group, sabotage the group and do all you can to increase the cost of their operations. Try to put them out of business. 

D. To kill or not to kill?

Fortunately, most of you do not have to be a lone wolf and kill anyone. Fortunately, there is also


There is no closure for any individual who has lost a son, daughter, sister, brother or any loved one due to a murder by any of the hate groups. 

The surviving relative or friend is obligated to get revenge on those who sent the individual on their hate mission, those who taught the individual to hate and all others who participated in the hate mission in anyway. Keep in mind that there are many who have been hurt by Haters and are seeking revenge and will one day take there revenge. One does not have to kill to take revenge. One must do something. Simply join one of the anti-hate groups 

This is one of God's laws and if you do not get revenge you and your children and their children will suffer. So consider all this when you consider where do we go after death.

E. Money to Hate organizations 

Stop giving money to all Muslim and Roman Catholic organizations and other Hate groups. This includes groups which claim to be helping educate children, the sick, the poor and the aged that are especially related to the two noted organizations. The organizations will simply remove funds from the cause you give to and use these funds to spread hate and hire killers until they can act against you. 

There are many anti-hate groups which do the same humanitarian work that are not affiliated with those two groups. 

F. Missionary Activities

Direct that missionaries go to the areas where there are no God-believers, or to Muslim or Catholic areas. Get them to change their ways

G. Support Democracy's

You should support anti-hate groups, those who are opposing the Haters. Visit places where you can help Democracy's that are fighting Haters. Go to Ireland, the Philippines and Israel. Go even to Germany and Austria which have anti-hate laws. Buy stocks, bonds and mutual funds dedicated to those countries. 

Do not visit or support in any way undemocratic places like China, Cuba, Indonesia, the Vatican or any of the undemocratic Islamic states including Turkey.

H. Educate your children properly

You should attempt to bring up your children and friends children in a proper environment so that they and their friends do not get involved with hate groups but get involved with anti-hate groups. Consider this as one of the most important items you can do when deciding what can we do to stop hate crimes. 

Do not send your children to Roman Catholic or Islamic schools where they will be indoctrinated to Hate.

Remember to observe also the other nine commandments in front of your children especially at your; 

Sabbath dinner

Join your local anti-hate group and do what you can to stop hate crimes

Send us your comments, documents, articles, etc. 
Enclose your name, address with zip code and we will send you additional information. 

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